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Buyer Beware

Health-Mor products are sold through a network of Authorized FilterQueen® Distributors. These Distributors have the knowledge and experience needed to provide you with a lifetime of satisfaction from your Majestic® and Defender® products.

ONLY products purchased by an AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR will carry a warranty from Health-Mor, the manufacturer.

ONLY an AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR can provide warranty service to your product.

ONLY an AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR can extend the manufacturer warranty of your Defender® each year.

ONLY AN AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR can sell you a product that is genuine and warrantied by Health-Mor, the manufacturer. Any product purchased through the internet, in a vacuum store, in an auction, or through any means other than from an Authorized Distributor does NOT come with any factory warranty. Furthermore, Health-Mor cannot verify whether such products are safe, functional or even genuine products.

Advantages to buying from an Authorized FilterQueen® Distributor:

  • Thorough knowledge of each product and how it can
    improve and clean your home
  • All purchases are backed 100% by Health-Mor’s
    best-in-the-industry factory warranty
  • Safety knowing you are purchasing your product from a
    legitimate source
  • Reassurance that all products you are buying are genuine
    Health-Mor products

To find your nearest Authorized FilterQueen® Distributor, or to verify that a company is an Authorized Distributor, please call 800-344-1840, or contact us to find your nearest Authorized Distributor.

Always look for the seal to buy Genuine FilterQueen® Filters.

Consumers beware!

If you see a product on the internet, you can be sure that this product is NOT sold by an AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR. You should also assume that the parts are imitation, NOT Genuine parts.

Health-Mor has received many reports of problems from consumers who decided to “save” a few dollars by purchasing product, parts or filters from NON-Authorized sources over the internet or from a local vacuum store, such as:

  • Product purchased is not the model advertised, but an older model Product was advertised as new, but was used
  • Filters were advertised as Genuine, but were cheap imitations that do not perform Seller claimed to be authorized to do warranty work, but charged the customer for service
  • Product received had serial numbers removed
  • Product was not serviced properly
  • Retailer was unresponsive, unprofessional, or was out of business when customer had problem
  • Customer was told that the products carry a manufacturer’s warranty, when in fact such products carry NO manufacturer warranty

Please note that Health-Mor cannot offer any assistance to consumers who purchase from one of these unauthorized sources. On the other hand, our Authorized Distributors are under contract to follow Health-Mor’s Code of Conduct and the Direct Selling Association’s Code of Conduct. They are trained to provide you with the best possible sales and service experience.