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2017 Winner

Tim Jackson

Cornwall, PE

"The Model 700 was a work horse! As a child I was fascinated by my grandparents' FilterQueen. I remember as a child disassembling the whole unit and putting it back together every time I would visit my grandparents. It then turned into as I got older I would come over just to vacuum their house. I believe they purchased their unit in the early eighties. The vacuum never stopped. After I moved out on my own, I inherited their FilterQueen when I moved out on my own at 17 in 2005. It has taken accidental falls down the stairs, where it literally went through the gyproc on both sides and still worked like a champ, left out in the rain from detailing my car, it has been dragged on camping trips to blow up air mattresses, along with surviving a basement flood of almost a foot of water. It floated like a fishing bobber. Only thing that saved it was the hose was hung over a wall stud and basically anchored it and allowed it to float! Sadly,the motor went in March 2017. The hose was pretty well made of duct tape, the metallic sticker looked like it had battle scars like it was in a nasty bar fight, the chrome dome was still pristine along with the chrome dome of the power nozzle. The accessory ring was super-glued in 3 spots but it still held all the accessories! So I stumbled upon the FilterQueen website and seen a spot to tell my story of the 30 some year old FilterQueen that had more lives than a cat! "

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