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2016 Winner

Stephen Thomas

Linden, NC

"I purchased my FilterQueen Majestic on October 5, 2007. For many years, I have been very satisfied with my Majestic. It has cleaned better than any other vacuum I have purchased in the past. Living on a dirt road, the Majestic is a must-have. The Majestic has been a lifesaver for us because we have someone living in our home with asthma. The sad part is that recently we were caught in Hurricane Matthew and the lower part of our house was flooded with two feet of water. The Majestic was totally submerged in the water. I cleaned the Majestic out and dried it off good but needless to say, it has seen its last days. I will replace it one day but with the damage caused by the flood, it looks like it will not be affordable at this time. I still recommend the Majestic to anyone wanting to purchase it. It is a very hardworking machine and gets the dirt out from down deep."

2015 Winner

Rosanne Green

Everett, WA

"My parents have owned a FilterQueen Majestic since I was a kid and I loved it. When I finally moved out I got cheaper vacuums or got them as gifts (almost every Christmas I was getting a new, cheap vacuum) and was constantly borrowing my parent’s when the vacuums kept dying. I eventually got a house and was removing some paneling in the kitchen on the side of the fireplace to add more cabinets. I noticed the front paneling looked odd and bowed so I removed some of the paneling, and the whole brick face fell down. After fixing the fireplace (which was now a fire hazard), I was still sad. Our carpet was only 6 months old and now completely ruined. I killed my vacuum, my friend’s vacuum she was getting rid of, and caught my Shop Vac on fire trying to clean even the basic leftover dirt. I asked my mom to borrow hers hesitantly (seeing how mine reacted), but to my surprise and complete delight, it cleaned my carpet with zero issues. It has proven time and time again it is the best floor cleaner. Sadly until I can save enough money to buy one of my own, I will have to keep using my parent’s Majestic."

2014 Winner

Philip LeBlanc

Long Beach, MS

"The story I want to share is one of support and kindness from the FilterQueen Company. My grandparents lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast not far from where the eye of Hurricane Katrina hit years ago. My grandmother loved her Majestic very much and cleaned with it all the time. I guess it was in use more than it was stored. Katrina sent 7 feet of salt water from the Gulf of Mexico through their home. Their house was left as a pile of debris. In the weeks and months after the storm while we were clearing debris and gutting her home, I found her much loved Majestic in a pile of debris in her backyard. I found the main unit and the hose. Wanting to do a good deed, I emailed your customer service department about shipping the Majestic out for repair. Over a day or two and several emails, including sending a photo of what was left of my grandparent’s house, your company told me to ship the parts I could find back to them. I got a phone call a few days later from a senior customer service representative who told me that instead of fixing her Majestic (which was about 15 years old), they were sending a brand new one to her! After everything we had been through, this company cared enough to send us a brand new FilterQueen Majestic. We lost my grandmother in 2012 but I still have her Majestic. I still tell everyone about the act of kindness whenever anyone says anything about vacuums."

2013 Winner

Toby Glenn

Jefferson, GA

"I've used many FilterQueens over the years, and all have performed wonderfully. One of my prized possessions is my Great-Grandmother's Model 31 Majestic that she purchased new before I was born. The machine still runs as well as it did new, with the same amount of suction, though it's semi-retired now. It will never leave my possession, as it's the only thing I have that belonged to her."