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May 24, 2016 – Winners Announced for Third Adopt-A-City Program

The City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, NASA, and MAGNET: The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network have revealed the names of eight small and mid-size manufacturers who will receive help from NASA subject-matter experts through the 2016 Adopt a City program.

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January 28, 2016 – Change of Ownership Press Release

Health-Mor, Inc. announced the sale of 100% of the shares and ownership stake in its iconic FilterQueen® brand of products. The announcement was made at the company’s worldwide headquarters in the Cleveland, Ohio suburb of Strongsville.

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Health & Wellness

How to Beat Summer Allergies

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Air Pollution Claims 5.5 Million Lives a Year, making it the 4th leading cause of death worldwide

You probably don’t think of air pollution as a factor that affects how long you will live. It’s actually the fourth greatest risk of death, though, right after high blood pressure, dietary risks and smoking.

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Controlling Dust, Dust Mites, and Other Allergens in Your Home

Dust builds up throughout your home. The dust may contain substances that trigger asthma symptoms, such as wheezing or coughing, or another allergic reaction, such as the rash of atopic dermatitis or stuffy nose of allergic rhinitis. These substances are called allergens. Dust mites are another example of an allergen.

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Dust Mites: A Microscopic Threat to Your Family’s Health

Dust mites are tiny, microscopic bugs, that are commonly found in human habitats, such as your house, couch, bed or carpet. They are able thrive in our living environment, because they live off of our dead skin cells, and the dander from our pets.

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Dust Allergies

People who have dust allergies are familiar with sneezing, but sneezing isn’t the only uncomfortable symptom. Dust allergies also give many people a stuffy or runny nose, or cause their eyes to itch or become red & watery.

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Direct Sales: 18 Million American Entrepreneurs Strong and Growing

Direct sales is among the most accessible paths to entrepreneurship. More than 18 million Americans are involved in direct selling to make a few extra dollars, or to build a business. That’s because direct sales offers a low-risk way to participate in a fast-growing part of the economy.

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