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We’re sure you have enjoyed using your FilterQueen® as much as we have liked making it for over 87 years! Maybe you recieved your first one as a wedding gift? Maybe you inherited it from your grandparents? Share your FilterQueen® story with us for a chance to win a brand new 2016 Indoor Air Quality System! Thank you for being part of our FilterQueen® Family!


Our story is just the beginning! We purchased our FilterQueen System about two months after we got married and have had it for seven months now. We are both allergy sufferers and have been doing a lot of remodeling in our house. I love how you don’t get that typical vacuum smell when using the Majestic and how it picks up everything! I don’t now how many times I have said, “I love my Majestic!” Recently, a coworker was using a vacuum near my desk and I could smell that dull, dusty smell from his vacuum. I surely don’t miss that with our Majestic! The Defender is great for keeping our house fresh and allergies at bay. I look forward to many more years of clean, healthy air and floors thanks to FilterQueen!

– Melissa B., Williston, ND

My father and mother purchased a FilterQueen Majestic, Model 31 or 33, back in the 1960s. I remember my mother getting out the Majestic every Friday morning and cleaning the house with it. When my brother and I got older, it was our job to clean the house. My mother has since passed, but my brother lives with my father, who is now 96 years old. My brother still uses the old Majestic every week and it works like a charm. In the past few decades, they have purchased two more FilterQueen Majestics. They are now proud owners of one Model 31 and two Model 33 vacuums. Since they have an upstairs, the extra cleaners come in quite handy. The only thing they have had to do for the Majestic was about 15 years ago, when they replaced brushes in the motor. They have also had the cord replaced a few times. My dad still has the original owner’s manual, which states, for no more than $19.50, FilterQueen will make any repairs to the vacuum cleaner. Good thing it is so dependable, because they never had to take them up on their offer!

– Gail W., Westfield, WI

I bought a new package of filters recently and it’s hard for me to realize that we have had our FilterQueen system for about 50 years. My husband was in the Air Force, stationed at Wichita Falls, Texas, when a friend asked us to sit in on a presentation. We bought it in about 1960 or 1961 and it cost $500! That was a lot of money for an airman at that time. We made payments until we finally paid it off. At the time, we had regretted spending that much money, but we still have it and through the years, it has been one of the best investments we ever made. We have used it for many things and continue to use it. We have had to have it refurbished a time or two, but it still works great!

– Melissa, Gresham, OR