We’re sure you have enjoyed using your FilterQueen® as much as we have liked making it for over 87 years! Maybe you recieved your first one as a wedding gift? Maybe you inherited it from your grandparents? Share your FilterQueen® story with us for a chance to win a brand new 2016 Indoor Air Quality System! Thank you for being part of our FilterQueen® Family!


I love the FilterQueen Majestic. I have a 1972 model. It work miracles for me. I clean my house in less time. Allergies are gone, and a clean feeling is throughout my home. I am thankful to the person that invented this wonderful cleaning product. I clean my beds, blinds, curtains etc. My family also loves this machine. Dust is gone in my home, wonderful smells of clean. It is a great air purifier. Love, Love, Love this product and all the attachments that go this cleaner. I also have used the blower to blow my leaves off my rocks in the flower bed. I recommend to all who enjoy a clean home. Thanks FilterQueen!

– Stefanie K., Alpena, MI

This Majetic was demonstrated by a door-to-door salesman in our house in 1974. I was very impressed by it's cleaning capabilities, suction and filtration compared to our old canister vacuum. I’ve lived a few houses since then and it's been a very durable and dependable cleaner. I've always made sure I emptied and changed the filter cone regularly, always using genuine FilterQueen cones. Earlier this year, the Majestic received its very first overhaul. All internal filters were changed, the power switch was replaced as well as the carbon motor brushes. It's now 2016 and it is still going strong!

– Nancy H., Essex, ON

My relationship with my FilterQueen Majestic is a love story. When the salesman approached my house with his sales pitch in 1992 I was very resistant. I had owned three different name brand vacuums and none of them were great and I had no confidence that the one he was selling was any better. His demonstration was designed for carpet, but I have a lot of allergies and our house had only hard floors so he had to improvise. He did a wonderful job showing my sister and I how well it would on the hard floors, our living room furniture and our throw pillows. Also, he demonstrated how it could be used to filter the allergens in our house to make our air quality amazing. Once I saw what the FilterQueen Majestic could do I was sold, but because I am a skeptic it took me a while to be convinced the machine was as amazing as he made it seem, however I soon fell in love and I cannot imagine living without my Filter Queen Majestic. My sister and I have proclaimed the amazing qualities of the FilterQueen to everyone we know for the last twenty three years.

– Jeannette S., Jackson, TN