Product Use & Care

We are dedicated to our customers and pride ourselves on the quality and performance of our products. Below are a few of the commonly asked care and usage questions concerning the FilterQueen® Majestic® & Defender®.

Changing the Defender® Filter

1. After unplugging the Defender®, place the unit on its side and remove the retaining nut on the bottom of the unit by turning counterclockwise. 2. Return the unit to its upright position and lift off the top motor assembly. 3. Remove the Medi-Filter® Cartridge and Enviropure® Charcoal Filter Wrap. If only replacing the Enviropure® Charcoal Filter Wrap, remove the old charcoal filter from the Medi-Filter® Cartridge and discard it.

Note: The charcoal filter is fastened with velcro.
4. Place the new Enviropure® Charcoal Filter Wrap around the outside of the Medi-Filter® Cartridge and fasten with the velcro provided. If also replacing the Medi-Filter® Cartridge, fasten the new Enviropure® Charcoal Filter Wrap to the new Medi-Filter® Cartridge. Return the filters to the unit. 5. Replace the top motor assembly. 6. Place the unit on its side to secure the retaining nut on the bottom of the unit. Return the unit to its upright position to resume use.

Reset the Defender® Change Filter Indicator Light

1. Press & hold both the up & down arrow buttons. (The red indicator light will begin to blink rapidly.) 2. While the red light is blinking rapidly, release buttons. 3. Immediately press & hold both the up & down arrow buttons until the light turns off.

Changing the Majestic® Filter Cones

1. Release side clamps and remove top unit from dirt container. 2. Remove Medipure® Premium Filter Cone and set aside or discard if installing new filter. 3. Empty contents of dirt container and Primary Pre-Filter BioCone™ into a large, open garbage bag. 4. Insert point of a new Primary Pre-Filter BioCone™ into the bottom of the dirt container. 5. Place the Medipure® Premium Filter Cone on top of the Primary Pre-Filter BioCone™.
6. Replace top unit and lock side clamps in place. Be sure all three tabs of the Primary Pre-Filter BioCone™ are visible. (Continue with Step 7 if replacing Motor Guard filter.) 7. Remove top unit as shown in Step 1 and then remove the cone guard. It may be necessary to use a Phillips screwdriver for some units. 8. Pull back the plastic retainer ring and lift the ring out. The filter can now be easily removed and discarded. 9. Replace Motor Guard filter. Place the filter over the center section of the screen. Replace retainer ring by squeezing the ring. Make sure the ring snaps into place. 10. Replace the cone guard. Be sure the outer edge of the cone is sealed on the rubber lip around the circumference of the unit. Replace screw if applicable. Replace top unit as shown in Step 6.

Resetting the Majestic® Power Nozzle

Power Nozzle Resettable Circuit Breaker:
The circuit breaker is designed to protect the motor of the Power Nozzle from damage, if it becomes clogged, stopping the brush from revolving. To reset the circuit breaker, turn off the Majestic®. Remove any foreign objects from the Power Nozzle and press the red button on the back of the nozzle. Turn the Majestic® back on and resume use.