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Genuine FilterQueen Filters

Always look for the seal to buy Genuine FilterQueen Filters.

Only Genuine FilterQueen filters provide the highest level of filtration, protect your world-class warranty, and keep your products operating like-new for a lifetime.

NOTE: Do not operate your Majestic or Defender without Genuine FilterQueen Filters purchased from an authorized Distributor or direct from the Manufacturer. Operating your FilterQueen products without a Genuine Filter in place may damage your motor and void your warranty.

Majestic Surface Cleaner Filters

biocone filter cone

BioCone Filter Cone

The BioCone Filter Cone creates a nearly impenetrable wall against pollutants and protects the life of your Majestic motor. This filter must always be used when operating the Majestic.

The BioCone Filter is treated by a U.S. EPA registered agent to resist the formation of microbial odors and to protect the filter from microbial growth.

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enviropure filter cone

Enviropure Filter Cone

The Enviropure Filter Cone targets odors created by pets, cooking, household chemicals and more. Use in conjunction with the BioCone and Medipure Filters for ultimate cleaning and odor elimination.

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upholstery brush

Medipure Filter Cone

The Medipure Premium Filter Cone contains a layer of non-woven, microfiber media that reduces dust mites, pollen, common bacteria, pet dander, odors, and other allergens.

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motor guard

Motor Guard (flat disc filter)

The Motor Guard (Flat Disc Filter) safeguards your Majestic motor to keep it in optimum working condition.

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Defender Air Cleaner Filters

biocone filter cone

Medi-Filter Cartridge

The Medi-Filter® Cartridge provides three times better-than-HEPA filtration to reduce pollutants such as dust, dust mites, pollen and mold spores.

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enviropure charcoal wrap

Enviropure Charcoal Wrap

The Enviropure® Charcoal Wrap is made with HEGA (High Efficiency Gas Absorption) material, which is highly effective at reducing pollutants such as tobacco smoke, pet odors and lingering cooking odors.

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