Air Purifiers for Hotels: Increase Guest Safety and Occupancy

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Remember watching your hotel’s reservations drop as 2020 crept on? Almost every single one canceled when COVID hit. Profits crumbled, employees were laid off, and there was no solution in sight. The world became uncertain for everyone — and hotel owners like you took a massive hit in the last two years. 

You’re looking for ways to protect your guests and employees while improving the entire hotel experience. Concern for indoor air quality became front and center in 2020, so naturally, air purifiers make business sense for hotel owners. The public is now aware of the dangers of stagnant indoor air in spreading bacteria and viruses.  Guests know the sheets get changed, but what about the air left behind from the last guests (or even the cleaning staff)?  What did they leave behind in that air?

You already know you don’t want guests walking into a hotel lobby and being bombarded with smells. Even though morning breakfast is delicious, mixing in cleaning supplies, personal fragrances, and pool chlorine turns your stomach fast. Add the pandemic, and it’s all the more reason to stand out among the competition. You want to make the best first impression with your guests — and fresh, purified air helps!

Today we’re looking at safety priorities for travelers, how clean air impacts your guests, and why more hotels are choosing air purifiers.

People Care More About Safety While Traveling Now

We all understand how quickly deadly viruses spread in indoor spaces with the pandemic. The danger of airborne contaminants is one of the reasons why hotels lost so much business. Poor indoor air quality mattered to travelers before COVID — but now people are more concerned about their health.

Harmful airborne toxins lead to negative health effects, and everyone knows the risks of contracting SARS-CoV-2. Before the pandemic, only 5% of business travelers worried about health and safety when booking trips. That number since COVID? 40%, according to a 2020 Business Travelers report.1

This pivotal shift in the industry requires hotel owners to adapt to the needs of their customers.

Indoor air pollution can negatively impact health, like allergic reactions, coughing, shortness of breath, and even digestive problems.2 COVID changed how people live, work, and travel. People feel more at ease when hotels put safety first.

Right now, it’s easy to assume more guests are searching for hotels with air purifiers for added protection during their travels. Plus, as the world opens up again with lower cases and mask mandates lifted — people are ready to travel! Consider the value stellar indoor air quality gives your establishment. You want to impress your guests, and FilterQueen can help.


Air Purifiers for Hotels Enhance the Experience For Your Guests

No matter the city, your hotel needs to stand out. Air purifiers are changing the hotel experience by not only protecting health — but enhancing the overall travel experience for your guests.

A recent 2021 study found, “Air pollution control devices have a positive effect on perceived value and quality.” 

Basically, cleaner air positively impacted guests during their hotel stay, evening increasing their return rate.3

When guests find a hotel they can trust, it’s a simple decision to book with them again. With an air purifier present, adding an extra layer of protection to their stay increases the chances of them rebooking with your establishment!

People notice when they only smell breakfast in the dining area, chlorine in the pool, and clean sheets in their room. Guests notice “fresh” and you don’t want them switching rooms because they notice a musty, smokey, or stinky dog smell…yuck! Air purifiers enhance every aspect of your guest's stay — to keep business coming back to you.

Plus, your guests feel safer with cleaner air. They’re thinking about indoor air quality more now, with the rise of COVID and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs emit toxic gasses into the air from either solids or liquids, and often come from the furniture.

As a hotel owner, you’re likely familiar with this particular issue. The furniture inventory, paints from remodeling, and all the hazardous chemicals used day-to-day to clean add harmful toxins to the air.

They cause both short and long-term negative health consequences, especially for those with asthma or allergies.Not every air filter or even HEPA filter can remove VOCs. It takes additional technology that FilterQueen’s proud to offer hotel owners like you.

The Defender: The Elite Choice for Your Next Hotel Investment

hotel room air purifier

When searching for dependable air purifiers for your hotel — look no further than FilterQueen. We know and understand exceptional products, and go beyond the standard for air purifiers on the market.

Our proprietary Medi-Filter cartridge filters the smallest harmful pollutants down to 0.1 microns, and our charcoal wrap captures those pesky odors and VOCs. The continuous, quiet airflow gives your guests the fresh, safe air they’re looking for while traveling.

Key Features The Defender Provides:

  • Independently tested to eliminate 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2 virus 
  • 3 Times Better Than HEPA Filters
  • Removes 99.99% of Airborne Pollutants
  • Removes Harmful Odors
  • FDA-Cleared Class II Medical Device
  • Purchase Orders Available
  • Low Maintenance
  • Bulk Discounts
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Trusted by Millions Worldwide

The Defender is ready to purify your highest traffic spaces inside, like the lobby and dining rooms, quietly and efficiently. Your guests will notice a difference and you’re playing an important role in keeping them safe, which is more valuable to them than ever before.

FilterQueen supports the growing demand of people needing improved indoor air quality. 

Our Worldwide Headquarters is located in Brooklyn, Ohio, making it easy to meet your demands with a quick turnaround time and fast shipping. You want booked rooms and your guests want clean air  — we can help!

Clean air has never been more meaningful, and we don’t expect that to change anytime soon. The post-pandemic travelers need clean air and you can stand out with the best air purifiers around. Join the movement of savvy hotel owners stepping up to improve their guests’ experience.

You’re ready for more business, and we're ready to help!


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