The Most Effective Way to Remove Those Pesky Home Odors Safely

woman holding nose due to odor in kitchen

You wake up, slide on your slippers, and stumble toward the kitchen. Making coffee is a top priority. You enjoy smelling the beans until an unpleasant odor hits you when you open the fridge.

“What is that?” your bleary mind wonders as you pull out the cream. Mental note: check it out later. Back to your perfect cup of coffee. You spill some while pouring (don’t worry, you aren’t the only one), and you wipe it up with a paper towel.

Throw that away, and your nose gets a whiff of old garbage. Ugh… Our sense of smell is one of the most potent — and can set our day off on the wrong foot.

We’re surrounded by odors day in and day out. Some are pleasant like our favorite perfume or how a new baby smells. Others are harmful to your health and unwanted smells hanging around are downright annoying and cringeworthy.

At FilterQueen, we pride ourselves with helping people enjoy their indoor space more, while living a bit healthier. Our Defender air purifier removes unwanted lingering odors and harmful toxins, like bacteria and viruses. Let’s take a closer look at everyday scents that surround us and the most effective way to free your home from them!

Unpleasant and Dangerous Smells You Don’t Want Hanging Out in Your Space

Certain smells in the air are a clear sign of danger and that’s definitely something worth mentioning. Let’s dive into one specific dangerous odor you need to be aware of and some nasty ones no one wants around!

Rotten Eggs (aka Sulfur)

Okay, first check that smelly eggs aren’t hiding in your trash or fridge. If not, the culprit is likely hydrogen sulfate or sulfide — forms of sulfur that give off a rotten egg smell. You won’t be quizzed on the name, but it’s important to remember that this colorless gas could be a sign of a gas leak in your home.

Low concentration exposure causes1:

  • Irritation of eyes, nose, & throat

Moderate concentrations:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Coughing

High concentrations:

  • Shock
  • Convulsions
  • Coma
  • Death

A smell that clearly needs investigating! If you notice a rotten egg smell in your water, it could be from leaking or old pipes. The more information you have as a homeowner, the easier it comes to making decisions to protect yourself and your family. Bottom line: if you’re smelling rotten eggs in your home and there isn’t a carton of bad/spoiled eggs to be found — get it checked out by a professional.

Musty Odors

Similar to garbage, musty smells are unpleasant. It might remind you of walking into your grandpa’s attic or old basement. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy fix like taking out the trash.

Not always, but musty odors are often associated with mold or mildew. The first step is making sure you don’t have mold growing in your home. Ensure excess moisture isn’t building up in common areas like your bathroom or basement.

Learn more about mold here, and keep reading to find out how to remove this annoying odor from your home.

Pet Dander

You love your pets like family, no doubt. (We know, they ARE your family). But they come with a small price that sometimes is in the form of stinky! It doesn’t matter if they’re full of hair or not, any pet with fur or feathers produces dander.

You know how we flake off dead skin cells and it eventually turns into dust we hate cleaning? Pet dander is the animal version of that. Pet dander is flecks of skin that are shed by any animal with fur, hair or feathers.2 An accumulation of this leaves those pet lingering odors you don’t want.

For people who are allergic to pets, even the smallest amount of dander can cause an allergic reaction. If you know someone allergic to cats — sometimes all it takes is for them to sit on your furniture before they start to feel itchy or sneeze.

Cooking Odors

Without proper ventilation and airflow in your home, that delicious baked chicken dinner can leave a not-so-pleasant aftersmell (see what we did there?). The combination of numerous ingredients in the kitchen makes for some yummy plates, but adds more odors to your home.

Since we’re surrounded by common scents at home, it’s nice to know the options you have to remedy the situation. Let’s look at a few examples to keep the smells away!

How to Freshen Your Home and Remove Those Unwanted Smells

Since we’ve cared about clean air — starting in the 1920’s — we provide you with the only real solution we can stand behind for removing odors from your home, and that’s our Defender air purifier.

Before we get into that though, we’re going to tell you two other common ways that are solutions, but come with some unnecessary baggage.

Essential Oil Diffusers

You might find this solution all over the place to rid your home of odors and it seems to make sense. Essential oils are usually found in our natural environment and offer a great way to freshen our home up “naturally.”

A study showed that three of the most common essential oils (lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree) emitted more carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).3 Each of these negatively impacts indoor air quality and could pose a health risk.

Change Your Carpets

This may seem extreme, or out of reach. But imagine being allergic to dogs and moving into a home where 2 dogs lived for 10 years. You’ll need (and want) to change those carpets. Or maybe your basement flooded and you want to prevent a mold outbreak.

We can’t always see what’s lurking beneath the surface, and most of us honestly don’t think of big changes like this. Sometimes this step might be needed but carpet is another major source of VOCs.4 However, as more research continues “greener “products are available to protect your health and indoor air quality.

FilterQueen’s Defender Air Purifier Removes Unwanted Odors (and More) From Your Home Safely!

dog and defender by fireplace

One sure way to keep any space in your home smelling fresh is using a high-quality air purifier. The Defender not only removes those lingering odors you can’t stand — but it also eliminates 99.99% of indoor air pollution!

Clean your indoor air from pesky particles (down to 0.1 micron) like:

  • Pollen
  • Pet Dander
  • Dust
  • Mold Spores
  • Bacteria
  • Smoke
  • Viruses

So not only do you eliminate unwanted aromas, you breathe much healthier air. It’s a win for the whole family! FilterQueen has been in business since 1928. We make products to improve lives and help you breathe better air.

The Defender offers a quiet 24-hour operation because it’s light and portable — making it easy to transfer to whatever room you desire. Some of our customers even take it to the office because they notice such a difference in air quality.

If you’re tired of the musty smell or aren’t cooking as much because you can’t stand how it lingers afterward, take control back in your home. Improve the air you breathe with the Defender air purifier!

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