Give peace of mind with the Defender Air Cleaner

Staff, students and parents will breathe easier knowing your school is providing a safer indoor environment

Give peace of mind with the Defender Air Cleaner

Reassure students & parents

There is no doubt that the decision is difficult for parents to make in regard to sending their children back to school. You can help make their decision easier by cleaning the air in each classroom with an infection-control device.

Help protect your staff

Returning back to work can be worrisome during the pandemic. This is especially true for teachers and staff. The EPA has recently published the following statement regarding how air cleaners can be used to fight the spread of COVID-19:

"When used properly, air purifiers can help reduce airborne contaminants including viruses in a home or confined space. However, by itself, a portable air cleaner is not enough to protect people from COVID-19."


Because we care

You will receive complimentary window display signs with your order to show staff, students and parents that you are going above and beyond to provide purified air with the Defender.

Use portable high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) fan/filtration systems to help enhance air cleaning (especially in higher risk areas such as the nurse's office).

FilterQueen Defender

Defender Room Air Cleaner

The Defender us proven technology to create a cleaner, healthier indoor environment that is protected from harmful pollutants.  

Why choose the FilterQueen Defender Air Purifier?

✓ FREE 2-Day shipping

✓ Lifetime perpetual warranty

✓ Built in the USA

✓ 3x better than HEPA filtration

✓ Recognized as a Class II Medical Device

✓ Quiet, 24-hour operation

Meets the following EPA guidelines:

Does not produce ozone

(ozone is harmful to the environment)

No UV light

(UV light is ineffective, costly and dangerous)

Effective filtration capability

(3x better-than-HEPA)

Participating Schools

Here are some of the schools who are protecting their students and staff with the Defender.

Defender Studies

Ghent Hospital Study

Ghent Hospital Study

The hospital in Ghent, Belgium proudly uses the Defender units in its "high-risk" settings to prevent airborne infections throughout the hospital.

Mold Masters Study

Mold Masters Study

An Ohio-based mold remediation company highly recommends its customer to use the Defender Air Purifier to remove mold spores and odors.

Fundraising Program

Our fundraising component is straightforward and simple. Once your school has purchased units, you will receive a unique coupon code that can be shared with anyone affiliated with your school. A percentage of the proceeds of each Defender purchased will go towards your school's fundraising needs.

Sponsor a Defender Opportunity

The challenge to reopen your school safely provides a unique and tangible opportunity for key benefactors to get involved. You can invite them to sponsor one or more Defenders for the classrooms. Schools have already had success in getting local corporations and alumni to underwrite the purchase of the Defenders needed for reopening the school safely.


As you work to reopen your school safely, let us help you protect your students and staff. For more information about our Defender and to discuss purchase options, please fill out the form or contact Tim Duggan directly: