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FilterQueen Majestic Hose, Genuine OEM, Fits Majestic Surface Cleaner

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Warning:  Select the correct style.  You can toggle between options and look at pictures if you are unsure.
Does your FilterQueen Majestic need a new hose? This OEM hose is the same that came when purchased brand new.  
  • Includes one 7 foot Hose Assembly
  • Select your model: Current Style or Old Style (pre 2001)
  • Old Style (pre 2001) fits the following FilterQueen Models: 99A, 112A, 112B
  • Current Style fits the following FilterQueen Models: 112C, M360, 360SS, M11

Your model number is under the twist off dome cap underneath the handle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Connie V.

Came right away. Very happy.


I am thrilled to have my filter queen working again. Great customer service :-) thanks

Shirley S.

I had ordered the new hose because where it attached to the other end (plug in part that connects to the powerhead) had shorted out and melted??? the hose was very costly!! A few minutes ago put the hose on the vacuum attached it to the other end started vacuuming using the powerhead with in a few seconds I could smell melted plastic. First time I have tried to use it since I received it. SO I am guessing my problem started with the metal wand that connects to hose shorted out and melted??? So now I have 2 hoses I can't use and still can't use the powerhead of my vacuum !! I am kinda upset with this don't know what to do.. Thank You

Jeanine N.
Great replacement

My previous hose had leaks. This new one has great suction.

Landon Z.
Sold out

When will you have more hoses?