Stop Suffering From Allergies By Improving Your Home’s Air Quality

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The feeling is all too familiar if you suffer from allergies. It might start with a sneeze or a quick rub of your eye — but before you know it you’re experiencing a full-blown allergy attack. Grab the antihistamine!

When you’re suffering from allergies, the world doesn’t seem quite as kind because common stuff causes absolute panic in your body. It’s true, there are numerous over-the-counter remedies to stop the symptoms. But what if you’re looking for a long-term solution?

While we can’t control everything out there (and the past couple of years proves that!) — we can proactively help prevent allergy attacks and discomfort at home. Using an air purifier is one of the most effective ways to remove common allergens from indoor air. The filter stops (or limits) your symptoms by extracting the cause — before it tickles your nose or irritates your eyes.

But just like everything, some air purifiers work better than others. Even though HEPA filters are the (80-year-old) standard, our experts at FilterQueen go much further. Our purifier captures all the common allergens (and more harmful toxins) so you breathe the freshest air!

Let's dissect the most common culprits of your allergies, the symptoms you’re probably dealing with, and the air quality in your home. By the end, we hope you’ll consider how the best air purifier for allergies — the Defender — can change your life.

Top 3 Common Allergy Culprits

First off, there are many different allergy categories. You can be allergic to anything really, from food to what’s in the air. Allergies happen when your immune system reacts to something that doesn’t bother other people (thanks a lot, body). For today, we’ll be focusing on some main indoor allergies including mold, pollen, and pets.


Mold allergies occur when you inhale spores hanging out in the air. Sensitivities and reactions range from person to person, depending on how susceptible your immune system is to this fungus. If you have asthma, you may be more sensitive to mold.1

Symptoms of Mold Allergy1:

  • Watery or Itchy Eyes
  • Runny Nose (aka Postnasal Drip)
  • Stuffy Nose
  • Sneezing
  • Cough
  • Itchy Throat

Mold can be a risky and irritating problem to deal with, especially if you have allergies. If your home has mold, consult a professional to help eradicate the source. You can learn more about mold from us here. Keep reading for the best solution to keep mold spores away!


Often referred to as hay fever, pollen allergies come from weeds, trees, grasses, and plants. Each season as new growth begins, plants release pollen into the air that can cause mild to severe allergic reactions. Seasonal allergies are very common — and all too familiar for many of us. In fact, you can check “pollen counts” before going outside! When you get the weather forecast on your phone, look for this helpful detail to better plan your outdoor time or errands.Symptoms of Pollen Allergy2:

  • Swelling Around Eyes
  • Red & Watery Eyes
  • Itchy Eyes, Nose, & Throat
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Runny Nose
  • Sneezing

Since allergic reactions involve the immune system, you’ll notice similarities in symptoms. If you have severe allergies, during peak times, try closing your windows. This can help prevent pollen from entering your home since it’s spread through the air. Stay with us to find out an even better way to manage this common allergen.


According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, “As many as 3 in 10 people with allergies have reactions to cats and dogs.” While it’s not the majority, it’s still a lot of people! And if you’re one of them, you know how debilitating they can be. By the way, cat allergies are twice as common as dog allergies.
cat on table with dust and dander in the air

The real culprit to pet allergies? Dander.

Pet dander — basically flecks of skin — collects everywhere in your home, including furniture and clothes. It can even cling to walls! (Yikes, we know…) Another place it lingers that most of us don’t think about? The air. 

If your allergies are severe, this can make it difficult to even visit people with pets. As with all allergies, reactions vary, depending on how sensitive the immune system is to these specific allergens.Symptoms of Pet Allergies3:

  • Swelling Around Eyes
  • Itchy Eyes, Nose, & Throat
  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Rash On Face, Neck, & Upper Chest

It’s important to note that a red rash is usually a sign of a more serious allergic reaction. Interestingly enough, some people may not experience symptoms from pet allergies until hours later, making it tough to pinpoint the source. 

Learn more about how these three common allergies play a role in the quality of your home’s air.

Indoor Air Quality — What’s The Big Deal?

Research indicates that people spend about 90% of their time indoors, whether at the office or home. This seems fine and dandy — until you know that more scientific evidence is showing that the air in our homes and other buildings can be more polluted than the outdoor air.4

Let that sink in…

Pretty wild, right? These stats fuel our mission here at FilterQueen. We’re passionate about enriching the lives of our customers with cleaner air because it makes a difference for your comfort and health!

Indoor air quality improves with an air purifier that removes not only common allergens, but other harmful pollutants. Take a deeper look into how an air purifier can help improve the air for those who suffer from allergies.

The Best Air Purifier For Allergies? FilterQueen’s Defender!

It’s true, you’ll find a lot of air purifiers on the market. But ours is unique because…

Our Proprietary Filters Are 3X BETTER Than HEPA

Yes, it’s the status quo. But HEPA filters are old news to us! We’re the only air purifier on the market that removes over 99.99% of particles. 

Because we pride ourselves on leading the industry, we develop and manufacture our Medi-Filter Cartridge  — which traps particles down to 0.1 micron. (We geek out because this is a huge deal in the air quality community!)

  • Mold Spores are between 10-30 microns — goodbye!
  • Pollen is within 15-200 microns — see ya!
  • Pet Dander ranges from 0.5-100 microns —peace out!

Plus — It Removes Other Common Allergens and Pollutants

Not only will you benefit from common allergens being cleansed from your indoor space, but so much more lurks in the air that we don’t think about. The Defender takes care of two other common allergens: dust and smoke.

Plus, enjoy life without other harmful pollutants like:

woman breathing clean air

You’ll Love Its Modern Design with Added Features

The Defender air purifier boasts a 360° intake and exhaust, ensuring the freshest air returns right into your space. Its sleek design offers 3 colors to choose from, so no matter what — you aren’t sacrificing your style.

Our air purifier weighs less than 13 pounds — making it incredibly easy to maneuver to whatever room you plan to spend your time in. Some of our customers find the portable convenience so simple, they take it to the office with them!

If you suffer from allergies, take it from Cindy — one of our happy customers: “The Defender air purifier helped my family with allergies!” 

We stand by our product and offer a lifetime perpetual warranty.

Relieve symptoms with an air purifier for allergies.

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