Bella Cucina Ristorante

Bella Cucina Ristorante

Chardon, OH

Bella Cucina Ristorante is a fine Italian restaurant with a full lounge and beautiful outdoor patio. It is a warm, cozy, beautiful place to enjoy fine food and drink. Walter Miraglia, owner of Bella Cucina, recently purchased Defender Air Purifiers for the restaurant to provide fresh, clean air and help protect his staff and customers.


"I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to have a Defender in their business, and my employees are like family to me, so we're going to do everything here that we can, including using air purification like the Defender to protect my employees. That added level of security gives me the confidence to stay open and to almost brag to our customers what we're doing."

– Walter Miraglia, Bella Cucina Ristorante